Jason Haber

Jason Haber is co-founder of The Metaverse Institute, where he brings a vast experience in all things Web3. To create the informative and dynamic courses that are at the heart of The Institute, Jason leaned in on his past role as an adjunct professor. Jason also serves as the managing director of Mint Capital, an NFT investment fund. As a life long entrepreneur, he has several exits under his belt, including his social entrepreneurial real estate brokerage firm, Rubicon Property, to Warburg Realty. He has a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Public and International Affairs, and an undergraduate degree in Political Communication from The George Washington University.

Danielle Garofalo

Danielle Garofalo is co-founder of The Metaverse Institute, in addition to being a marketer-in-residence at CORE Real Estate in New York. She has spent 10+ years working with top agents, luxury real estate firms and Fortune 500 companies fine tuning branding and building successful marketing campaigns. The agents she has worked with around the world have lifetime sales total of over $70 BILLION. She saw firsthand the power of online learning with her own Think Billion Dollar class, in which she teaches individuals how to build successful brands the same way she does for billion-dollar businesses. She regularly gives keynote addresses on social media, blockchain tech and digital marketing in the luxury space at large conventions and private corporate trainings. Danielle was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate by Inman and one of the 50 Urban Innovators Changing the Way We Live by International Hospitality Media.

Christine Choi

Dean of The Metaverse Institute
Christine brings nearly 20 years of experience to the residential real estate brokerage and technology space with a focus on creating new revenue opportunities while closing the productivity gap for practitioners. Currently she is partnered with various players in the blockchain space exploring the convergence of Web3, real estate and the Metaverse. As a seasoned real estate executive with marketing and operational savvy, she is a proven leader and most recently served as the President of Climb Real Estate in the Anywhere Real Estate (formerly Realogy) family of brands. With deep domain experience in real estate brokerage acquisition and strategic partnership development, in addition to over $400 million in personal career sales, she is armed with a unique mix of executive management, thought leadership and frontline experience.

Nicole Durosko

Director of Business Development
Nicole Durosko is the director of business development at The Metaverse Institute. Her unique background in financial services, strategizing product solutions for capital markets and New York City residential real estate sales is the perfect combination for her focus, which is The Institute’s member engagement and corporate outreach. Nicole earned a Master of Science in Global Management with a specialization in China-Europe business from The University of Antwerp Management School, and a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from The Ohio State University.

Institute Agent

The Metalaureate Course is your foundation for understanding the future: Web3.

Modules include topics like NFTs, DeFi, blockchain and the metaverse. Each one is broken down in straightforward lessons that are easy understand and follow along with.

If you are looking to understand cryptocurrencies, NFTs or the metaverse, and are seeking unbiased, simple explanations for topics that are often complicated by sponsored influence or confusing, unfamiliar language, the Metalaureate course is your necessary first step.